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Tips from Deck Builder Baltimore

Designing a deck is a very personal task. The style of your home should be a major factor, or your deck will feel out of place. Over the years, we have seen deck builder Baltimore designs shared all over the Metropolitan area, which led to the development of a specific flavor for Baltimore Maryland and surrounding cities.  Over the past 2-5 years there has been a lot of creativity for rooftop deck Baltimore and other Manufacturer backyard deck designs.

Backyard and patio deck builder Baltimore

Attaching a deck to an existing ledger board is a common mistake when trying to design a deck.  In most cases the house door is used as the primary access to the deck and will dictate your deck initial elevation.

Our strategy at deck builder Baltimore is to not use guardrails for Low decks (less than 40″ above grade) which makes the design look more massive. The ground under a low deck will be concealed to view but can become a home for small animals or insects. We always install some type of ventilation because the more a low deck can “breathe,” the more mold- and mildew-resistant it will be.

deck builder baltimore

For Higher decks guardrails will be required, and long stretches of stairs are usually necessary. High decks offer an opportunity to showcase views of the surrounding landscape. For deck builders in Baltimore, the space below the deck is usually built for multipurpose usage from Storage or to anchor kids swings.So in the choice of a design it is important to understand ,what kind of views do you have to work with – a breathtaking mountain peak or an ugly water tower? Survey the area at different times of the day to have a better picture of your design within the landscape. Do you have any trees that provide spotted shade? If not, you may want to incorporate a shade feature. Is your yard flat or sloping? Do you have a pool, patio, hot tub or garden?


Rooftop deck builder Baltimore

rooftop deck builderThis is a specialty design of deck builder Baltimore. Since it implies a deck build on a rooftop, the structure of your roof is the determinant factor.  And most people usually do not know where to start.

This is where we suggest you start. Look at the big picture. Don’t get caught up with small details. Use your imagination everything is possible. Think big and bold. Perhaps you would enjoy owning your own private rooftop deck oasis, an elegant veranda or some other outdoor space.

Now, let’s decide upon what you really need to accomplish your dream rooftop deck? Do you need a good place to keep your grill? Do you need a space for outdoor summer dining, relaxing and entertaining? Recognizing and negotiating your needs and wants will be a critical component in expressing your design intentions.

Traffic and Stairs

Think about how foot traffic will access your rooftop deck. Make sure that your furniture and grill arrangements do not interfere with movement. Your stairs and the roof access door should be easy to locate and free to access from any area of your deck.

Guardrails or wall elevation will usually define the perimeter on rooftop decks.  The interior spaces of the deck need to include aisles for movement. Changing the direction of decking can be a useful technique to separate spaces. Pointing diagonal decking in a certain direction is a subtle cue to direct people’s path of movement.

Decking Choices

Choosing the right type of decking for your design is a very important decision. Some people prefer the look and feel of real wood like cedar, redwood or exotic hardwoods over man-made materials. Other people are fans of low-maintenance materials that offer a variety of colors and textures. Researching decking materials is key to making the right decision for you and your lifestyle.

Hidden fasteners will eliminate screw or nail placements in the floor. Reverse trim head composite screws are recommended over nails for composite decking for holding strength and to prevent mushroomed screw holes.

Wood decks will need to be stained to protect the wood from cracking and warping. A variety of stain colors are available from natural to deep reds, browns and grays.

Color is a very important part of design. The playful use of contrast with a border can add a spark of life to any deck. Large decks with broad expanses of redundant floor treatment often will appear too plain. Decking applied diagonally or in a herringbone pattern can focus attention towards a particular space or view. Some designers even create a unique floor inlay to add some character to their deck.

Deck builder Baltimore Overheads and Planters


Unless you live in an area with perfect weather, you will likely enjoy your deck more in the summer if you have a shade structure. A pergola is the most common solution. It provides varying degrees of shade determined by how closely spaced the rafters are to each other. Where the sun is oppressive, consider an awning of some sort. Most decks also benefit from a planter or two. Or, plan on setting out large pots for your plants. Planters can be placed as a part of a railing system, or they can be joined to a bench.